NeuroCare Beginnings by The NeuroCare Team

With the guidance of Dr. Mark Palmieri, Nichole Collins helped CCSN to launch NeuroCare services for the first time in the Spring of 2021. That’s right! We started this work when the world had its doors largely closed to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Alongside Drs. Felicia Morgan and Kristen Powers, the brainstorming and work began to organize how to be helpful to adults and families wanting supports in the State of CT in the areas of acquired brain injury (ABI) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Speak up for Yourself (but we can help)

When you have a brain injury or autism, you may have a whole team of people willing to speak up for you. Though these team members may have good intentions and/or professional experience, your voice should be heard clearly. This isn’t easy for everyone. Frustration or fear may get in the way making it harder to know what they want. We have a few strategies that may help you to have stronger voice in your person-centered meetings or discussions.

Discussing the Loss of a Loved One with your Child with Special Needs

The loss of a family member is a tremendously overwhelming experience to the most prepared adults. We often struggle to comprehend the loss, to make sense of the future without our loved one, or to know what the “right way” to grieve might be. Helping your child with special needs through the loss, all while you grieve yourself, can be equally intimidating.

How to Make Your Student’s First Day of School a Happy and Successful One

As the school year quickly approaches, books, binders and back-to-school outfits are top of mind for parents and students alike. Many children and adults are excited to start a new school year, but for students with disabilities, the transition back to school can come with some challenges.

Nervous about flying with a child with special needs? Here’s six tips to help ease your fears of air travel

Spring break is fast-approaching and you may want to brave Disney, hit the beaches, or fly to see family. If you are considering taking a plane with your child with special needs, but are fearful of how they will do, here are some tips that may make the trip a little easier.