About Us

Welcome to CCSN: The Center for Children with Special Needs

For the past 40+ years the professionals who now comprise CCSN have had one goal: to provide the best available science and clinical practice to those individuals with Autism Spectrum and related Neurodevelopmental Disorders and their families through clinical service, training, consultation, and research. We are solution-oriented, but also keenly focused on the challenging situations that children and their families face when trying to adapt to the demands of everyday life at home, in school, and in the community. We place a high value on the deep understanding that parents have of their children, and how that information can inform and support other professionals in helping a child achieve in all areas of life. This collaborative process allows CCSN staff to be full partners in supporting those with ASD across the lifespan, building upon strengths, opening new doors to independence, and providing an autism home for families over time.

CCSN has grown organically over the years as the specialized needs of families for different clinical services has become more evident. Remaining flexible and community-based while delivering expert treatment and consultation with fidelity is at the core of all CCSN services domestically and internationally. While we also work with large and small organizations to improve their treatment and support of those with ASD, we are committed to the power of one: one person with ASD, one set of solutions developed to address their individual needs, improve their quality of life, and empower their independence.

Since its inception, CCSN’s core values have been that in diversity there is strength, and that with the best science guiding clinical practice all individuals with ASD and their families will thrive. We welcome you to share our vision, our commitment, and our passion for the work we all do to create a more inclusive and fulfilling future for our family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors with ASD. We invite you to learn more about CCSN through our website, one of our community or clinical programs, or with a phone call.