Diagnostic Evaluations

When a parent or caregiver wonders if a loved one qualifies for a mental health diagnosis, we can provide the answer

Accurate diagnosis can provide answers and open doors to a range of treatment options

Our clinical diagnostic evaluation is a one-day assessment that can confirm whether an individual meets criteria for an autism spectrum disorder or other mental health or behavioral diagnosis

These evaluations provide diagnostic clarification and recommendations for appropriate treatment and intervention services.

We participate with a range of insurance companies for these evaluations, the results of which can also be shared with insurance providers to access covered treatments.

Clinical diagnostic evaluations are recommended for:

  • Parents, individuals, or healthcare providers seeking an initial diagnosis or clarification of multiple potential diagnoses in order to access appropriate therapeutic services
  • Providing guidance for therapeutic intervention purposes, particularly when there is uncertainty as to which treatment options will be most effective

We complete diagnostic evaluations for children and adults, sharing straightforward answers to diagnostic questions along with recommendations for accessing treatment

  • Assessment activities include standardized measures of cognitive and adaptive functioning, social skills, behavior, and other diagnostic indicators
  • Clinical diagnostic interviews are completed with the individual and/or family members, and medical and educational records are reviewed
  • Depending on the individual’s specific presentation and needs, our recommendations may include referral for additional assessments, such as speech and language, occupational therapy, or academic performance, as well as referrals to other medical providers, as needed

Educational Evaluations

Our Educational Evaluations look closely at how the student learns and what strategies are required to help them gain new skills and knowledge

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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Our therapists evaluate fine and sensorimotor skills and the impact that these skills have on self-care, daily living skills, academic participation, and general skill development

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Program Observations

Our experts perform an on-site review of the effectiveness of the academic, social, behavioral, and adaptive programming that the student is receiving

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