Distance Learning

Supporting Students with Complex Needs During COVID-19

Delivering Special Education Services to Students with Significant Neurodevelopmental Disabilities:

A Model Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented challenges for educational teams supporting students with complex learning profiles.

CCSN has been on the forefront of collaborating with parents, paraprofessionals, teachers, school administrators, and policy makers to ensure that these students receive appropriate and effective instruction in a distance-learning format.

Using HIPAA-compliant technology and replicating educational and consultative processes long utilized both domestically and internationally by CCSN, we have partnered with districts and families to provide students continued access to individually developed educational programming.

CCSN provides a host of consultative support services to ensure that students of all learning profiles are able to continue to meet their educational objectives in distance- and hybrid-learning formats.

Some of the ways we have supporting students and educational partners throughout the pandemic include:

  • Identifying IEP objectives that can most easily be transitioned to home-based instruction and coaching parents on implementation within the home
  • Teaching students about social distancing and to tolerate masks in a way that is both sensitive to the student’s needs and age-appropriate
  • Modifying curriculum and objectives to be embedded within community and home settings
  • Coaching parents on implementation of educational programming with their students
  • Executive consultation with senior district administrators to conceptualize and design distance- and hybrid-learning models
  • Developing educational models to support inclusion in hybrid-learning model
  • Continued direct consultation to teachers to problem-solve implementation of programming using data to modify programming as necessary based on student progress
  • Balancing continued teaching on educational objectives and skill acquisition necessary to make distance learning more successful
  • Helping students to overcome anxiety related to returning to school after an extended period away
  • Virtual professional development training for parents on supporting students at home (problem solving behavioral challenges, establishing instructional control, creating a space for learning at home, visuals, schedules)
  • Virtual professional development training for teachers on providing distance instruction to complex students and how to train parents/caregivers to provide that instruction at home

School Consultations

Partnering with school districts to enhance capacity to support the needs of all students

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Program and Agency Consultations

Supporting organizations serving individuals with complex educational, social, vocational and community needs

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Professional Development

Delivering specialized training for clinicians, educators, administrators, paraeducators, direct-care staff, and healthcare providers to improve service delivery

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Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Expert assessments of student's needs and their educational programming

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