Academic Supports and Executive Functioning

Improving the academic skills necessary for children with ASD and related neurodevelopmental disorders to thrive in their educational settings

Every child can learn if you teach them properly

CCSN provides academic interventions, consultation, and training to improve conceptual and applied understanding of reading comprehension and other complex academic skills to serve all students better. Our focused approach uses explicit instruction to enhance students' learning skills.

The Academic Support Services at CCSN provide individualized educational evaluation and intervention services tailored to the learning needs of children with ASD and other complex developmental disabilities. We offer evidence-based interventions utilizing psychological and applied behavior analysis (ABA) methodologies to address issues relating to reading comprehension, decoding, written expression, and mathematics.

Summer Reading Clinic

Many students with Autism Spectrum Disorders have difficulties with reading comprehension. We can help.

Reading interventions that are specifically tailored to students with developmental disabilities, including Autism, are critical, given the importance of reading to both academic success and successful life in the community.

The Summer Reading Clinic at CCSN is an intensive 4-week one-to-one reading program designed to address your student’s individual reading needs. Our program focuses on helping students understand what they read and connect it to knowledge that they already have.

To learn more about the Summer Reading Program or to register, please Contact Us.

Academic Support Services

CCSN provides individual case consultation to build the capacity of school teams to address their student’s academic deficits.

Case consultation can be provided to teachers on:

  • Implementing skill development programs.
  • Generalizing acquired skills to the regular education curriculum.
  • Developing IEP goals and objectives specific to the student’s needs informed by evidence-based interventions.

Workshops & Professional Development Trainings

Our clinical team provides a range of talks, in-service trainings, and workshops for parents and educators regarding reading and reading comprehension skill development with an emphasis on supporting the needs of learners with ASD and other learning challenges.


Kindly visit our resources page for more information on our research-based methodology

School Consultations

Partnering with school districts to enhance capacity to support the needs of all students

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Ecological Assessments

Our team will work with students and educators to understand the learning demands of each educational environment and provide a map for student learning

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Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Helping families and educators understand a child's challenging behavior and develop effective solutions

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Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Expert assessments of student's needs and their educational programming

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