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How to Make Your Student’s First Day of School a Happy and Successful One

As the school year quickly approaches, books, binders and back-to-school outfits are top of mind for parents and students alike. Many children and adults are excited to start a new school year, but for students with disabilities, the transition back to school can come with some challenges.

Nervous about flying with a child with special needs? Here’s six tips to help ease your fears of air travel

Spring break is fast-approaching and you may want to brave Disney, hit the beaches, or fly to see family. If you are considering taking a plane with your child with special needs, but are fearful of how they will do, here are some tips that may make the trip a little easier.

Champion Your Team: Creating and Sustaining a Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team

Children with autism can often be taught new skills as well as further develop existing skills through carefully crafted treatment interventions. But a child with such unique and complex learning needs requires a constellation of services to do so, with each clinician ensuring fluid and consistent carryover of skills into all areas of the child's life.