Program Observations

Understanding the best educational environment and programs to meet your child’s needs

It can often be unclear whether a student’s educational program is meeting his or her needs and helping that student reach his or her academic and social potential.

We work toward developing a plan that helps create meaningful learning opportunities for complex learners.

  • Our team of psychologists and BCBAs offer Program Observations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • A Program Observation consists of an on-site review of an individual's educational, community-based, and/or residential program and is designed to assess the appropriateness of the academic, social, behavioral, adaptive, and vocational programming that the individual is receiving. A comprehensive file review is also completed, along with interviews with individuals, family members, educators, and service providers.
  • Upon completion of the observation, CCSN will develop a set of recommendations that will assist parents, teachers and any private providers to develop a tailored program that meets the specific needs of the individual.

When comprehensive information on the individual's current cognitive skills is unavailable, our team may also recommend that a psychological evaluation be completed. The results of the psychological evaluation provide valuable information that we will use in determining the types of programming that will best fit the individual's needs.

Program Observations are recommended when there are questions about the effectiveness of an individual's educational, community-based, and/or residential programming, and typically include:

  • Observations of an individual's academic or vocational schedule, including transitions in and out of activities
  • Scheduled learning times, and/or social time with peers
  • Direct conversations with the individual's academic or vocational support team
  • Home-based services to gain a more comprehensive overview of the individual's social learning environment
  • A feedback session where results are reviewed and specific recommendations for treatment planning are provided to families and/or education or treatment teams
  • A comprehensive report that includes specific intervention recommendations for the parents and service delivery teams

Psychological Evaluations

We offer comprehensive psychological evaluations for individuals who are presenting with learning, mental health, or behavioral challenges

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Educational Evaluations

Our Educational Evaluations look closely at how the student learns and what strategies are required to help them gain new skills and knowledge

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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Our therapists evaluate fine and sensorimotor skills and the impact that these skills have on self-care, daily living skills, academic participation, and general skill development

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Speech and Language Evaluations

Our therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one's ability to understand and use language, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and remediation strategies

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