Transition Assessments

Planning for success after high school

Our comprehensive Transition Assessment can help you prepare for adulthood from a lifespan perspective

Transitioning to adulthood can be a challenging experience for students and their families. CCSN offers assessments for High School and Transition-Age students with ASD, Learning Disabilities, and other neurodevelopmental disorders to help students, their families, and their support team navigate the transition to adulthood.

Our team of clinicians collect information from both formal and informal assessments across the areas of student needs, strengths, preferences, and interests that can be used to develop a comprehensive transition plan.

Assessment results identify post-high school options that match the student’s skills and areas of need

Transition Assessments evaluate student functioning across several domains, including:

  • Adaptive functioning
  • College readiness
  • Social interaction and coping skills
  • Executive functioning
  • Employment exploration and readiness

CCSN's clinical team will evaluate a student in school and vocational settings, as well as within our office, and gather information from important stakeholders.

Results are shared with the student and his or her family, school, and other service providers and are used to individualize transition plans and develop forward-focused recommendations.

Testing outcomes help the family and educational team make decisions about how to match a student with his or her potential environment and determine what supports will be necessary to optimize success and independence.

Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer comprehensive evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related neurodevelopmental disorders

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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Our therapists evaluate fine and sensorimotor skills and the impact that these skills have on self-care, daily living skills, academic participation, and general skill development

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Program Observations

Our experts perform an on-site review of the effectiveness of the academic, social, behavioral, and adaptive programming that the student is receiving

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Speech and Language Evaluations

Our therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one's ability to understand and use language, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and remediation strategies

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