Individual and Family Therapy

Supporting the needs of patients and their families

Individuals with autism or related neurodevelopmental disorders and their families often benefit from therapeutic support that improves their social and emotional well-being

Our team of clinicians specialize in the treatment of autism, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and associated mental health difficulties. We understand the challenges that individuals, their parents and siblings face at home, and we’re equipped to provide the tools families need to meet those challenges.

CCSN Behavioral Health offers many different outpatient services, including: individual therapy, family therapy, parent training, and sibling therapy. An initial intake appointment will be conducted to understand your concerns and to create an initial customized treatment plan.

Although treatment depends on individual needs, therapy often addresses some of the following areas:

  • Supportive counseling and educational support related to the diagnosis
  • Parent training and behavior management
  • Family therapy to support parent-child, spousal, and sibling relationships
  • Evidence-based behavioral treatments for coinciding mental health issues such as ADHD, depression or anxiety
  • Research-driven treatments for specific behaviors (e.g., toilet training, sleep problems, feeding difficulties)
  • Consultation around educational programming
  • Consultation around transitional and vocational planning

Insurance Reimbursement

CCSN Behavioral Health accepts insurance from a variety of providers. We would be happy to check eligibility and verify benefits with your insurance company. Please contact us for more information.

Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic

In this Clinic we work with children and families to build independent skills and improve their quality of life through the science of applied behavior analysis

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Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer comprehensive evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related neurodevelopmental disorders

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Group Therapy

We work to develop conversational, cooperation, conflict resolution, and play and leisure skills to help individuals succeed in their social environment

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Program Observations

Our experts perform an on-site review of the effectiveness of the academic, social, behavioral, and adaptive programming that the student is receiving

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