Welcome to The Center For Children With Special Needs & The Center for Independence

The Center for Children with Special Needs & The Center for Independence is an interdisciplinary clinic specializing in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of children and adolescents with complex developmental disabilities, in particular those with:

  • Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and related Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Pediatric Chronic Illness (including Spina Bifida, Prader Willi Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscle Disease, Diabetes)
  • Developmental Disabilities and severe behavioral difficulties including aggression and self injury

CCSN is a sponsor at this year’s ASRC Resource Fair, Saturday November 1st, 2014. Please feel free to stop by and visit our table!

CCSN will be hosting an Educational Series for Parents and Caregivers of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders:

11/19/14 Adrianna Zambrzycka, LCSW, BCBA, Application of Behavioral Strategies in Home Environment

All presentations are scheduled on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m at our 2300 Main Street location. Please note: Presentations are free, however, space is limited and registration is required. Please contact Melissa at 860-430-1762 to reserve your seat.

Dr. Courtney Cotter will be presenting on the following topic at the Willington SEPTO on December 17th, 2014 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., “Using Assessments to Inform Services for Children with Complex Learning Needs.”

CCSN is looking to hire a Senior Behavior Analyst to join our team. Please click here for further information.

Now available, “Feeding Your Child with Autism: A Family-Centered Guide to Meeting the Challenges” by Dr. Mark J. Palmieri, Psy.D., BCBA-D & Kristen Powers, M.S., OTR/L Woodbine House, Amazon

CCSN is currently expanding its feeding clinic. Please contact Melissa at 860-430-1762 to initiate the process.

Dr. Julie Wolf is offering a sibling support group to server individuals who have sibling(s) on the autism spectrum. Please contact Melissa at 860-430-1762 to initiate the screening interview process. Please click here for more information.

Dr. James Loomis is currently accepting screening interviews for high school age students and adults for Social Skills groups. Please contact Melissa at 860-430-1762 to initiate the process.

Dr. Heather Flynn is offering a social skills group to serve girls in the 3rd – 5th grade range. The group is designed to serve girls with autism spectrum disorders and other social cognitive challenges. Please contact Lisa or Melissa at 860-430-1762 for more information.