Behavioral Sleep Support

We help children get to sleep, and obtain better sleep

Difficulties with a variety of self-regulatory and adaptive skills are common among children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities.

The emphasis of the behavioral sleep clinic is to treat sleeping difficulties that are not medically related. Treatment includes behavioral assessment, intervention planning, and family training to alleviate existing difficulties and strengthen sleep-related skills.

Our clinical process includes an evaluation, followed by a tailored plan designed to address common issues like: inability to fall asleep alone or stay in bed all night, problems with sleep schedules, challenging behaviors caused by inconsistent sleep routines" to "challenging behaviors associated with sleep routines

Evaluation Process

Before a program is developed, families must complete forms and questionnaires designed to collect data on:

  • Daily routines
  • Bedtime behavior
  • Medication/Supplement use
  • Sleep locations
  • Environmental influences on sleep
  • Other challenging behavior

After the initial home-based data collection, families participate in a clinical interview to complete the initial evaluation and begin planning for sleep interventions.

Intervention Process


Following the initial evaluation session, families work with the sleep clinic staff to develop a home-based sleep behavior intervention plan (S-BSP) which emphasizes:

  • Functional skill development that will support your child’s independence
  • Developing interventions that are safe and effective and that work well within the family system
  • Establishing a safe and responsive sleep environment at home
  • Systematically modifying strategies based on your child’s individual needs
  • Objective decision-making based on actual performance


During sleep treatment sessions families are provided with specific training on all intervention components and work continually with Sleep Clinic staff to develop intervention strategies that are functional within their homes. Ongoing support is provided to help families respond proactively to challenges in a positive and successful fashion. As acute problems remit, the Sleep Clinic team works with families to ensure functional skill development with all aspects of sleep-related behavior and to fade intervention components to support full independence.

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