Challenging Behavior

Treating Behavior Problems and Building Successful Skills

This program focuses on finding treatments that lessen dangerous or disruptive behaviors

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A functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is conducted to identify why the child engages in unwanted behaviors. Treatment involves multiple members of the CCSN team such as psychiatrists, behavior analysts, speech and language therapists, and educators. For those with extremely dangerous behavior, inpatient admission may be needed.

We check for:

  • Intensity or severity of the behavior
  • Frequency of unwanted behaviors
  • Adaptive skills we can use to lessen/fix the severity of the behavior
  • Preferences for items, activities, and task demands that we can use for positive reinforcement

Training for families and caregivers

To ensure consistency and stability of environment and procedures, we must train those in direct contact with the patient. All training involves:

  • General skill training - this involves observing and learning the child’s treatment session.
  • Treatment-specific training - we teach caregivers to use treatment methodologies to support the patient’s new skills at home.

Toileting Clinic

Our clinical psychologists use evidence-based treatment interventions to work with children and families to progressively introduce toileting skills

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Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic

This methodology aims to positively impact the student’s social, functional, and adaptive skills through best industry practices

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Group Clinic

We develop conversational, cooperation, and conflict resolution skills to help students succeed in their social environment

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Occupational Therapy Treatment

CCSN rehabilitates individuals with various disabilities, helping them achieve independence and satisfaction in their day-to-day lives

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