Speech & Language Evaluations

Speech and Language EvaluationsThe Speech, Language and Pragmatic Communication evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of communication, available for individuals ranging in age from infancy to older adolescence.

Areas of expertise include children with Autism Spectrum diagnoses and developmental disabilities, as well as children with language/learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, neurologic impairments, Attention Deficit Disorder, phonological disorders and Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia.

The two to three hour evaluation includes standardized tests, as well as informal tests or play based assessments addressing understanding of language and verbal expression. Semantic (referring to vocabulary and meaning of language), morpho-syntactic (grammatical), phonological (referring to speech sounds and sound patterns) and pragmatic (social communication) aspects of language are assessed, with attention to language skills important for academic success and literacy development. Speech, including articulation, voice, prosody, fluency and rate is also comprehensively assessed, with examination of oral and oral-peripheral structures and functions.

Parents are interviewed and feedback is provided about the results of the evaluation.