Educational Evaluations

Depending on student age and disability, our experts strategize a plan that helps your loved ones meet their academic potential

Helping students meet their academic potential

CCSN’s Educational Evaluations look closely at how the student learns and what strategies are required to help them gain new skills and knowledge.

CCSN’s Educational Evaluations are designed to gather detailed information on the academic skills demonstrated by complex learners, ranging from students with learning disabilities, to students with executive functioning challenges, to students educated with functional academic goals. These evaluations are recommended for students who may be struggling academically, require monitoring of academic progress, and need academic intervention.

Assessment activities vary depending on the student’s needs and the referral questions, but typically include:

  • Standard measures of academic abilities as well as measures for executive functioning and memory, behavior, and adaptive skills
  • Clinical diagnostic interviews completed with the student, family members, and teachers.
  • A review of medical and educational records where parents and teachers are asked to complete rating forms
  • Feedback sessions, where we meet with families to review test results are reviewed and specific recommendations for treatment planning
  • Other assessments (such as a psychological/diagnostic, speech and language or occupational therapy evaluation), depending on the individual’s specific presentation and needs
  • An on-site program review of the individual’s educational program
  • A specialized educational assessment to evaluate functional academic skills for those diagnosed with vision, hearing, or motor impairments, and patients who have an intellectual disability

After the assessment, a comprehensive report is prepared and sent to families, including all test results and specific intervention and programming recommendations. CCSN’s team of psychologists offer educational evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed neurodevelopmental disorders, including learning disabilities.

Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer comprehensive evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related developmental disorders

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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Specialists evaluate basic motor skills, and the impact that these skills have on self-care performance, academic participation, and general skill development

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Program Evaluations

Our experts perform an on-site review of the viability of the academic, social, behavioral, and adaptive program that the student is receiving

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Speech and Language Evaluations

Our therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s comprehension and communication skills, identifying weaknesses and highlighting strengths.

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