Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer comprehensive evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related neurodevelopmental disorders

Giving you answers to important questions about how your child thinks, learns, and behaves

CCSN’s comprehensive psychological evaluations provide important and helpful information about the ways an individual thinks and learns, and offers valuable suggestions for how to support learning across a range of skills.

Our team of psychologists offers comprehensive psychological evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neurodevelopmental developmental disorders.

After the assessment, families participate in a feedback session where test results are reviewed and schools or other service providers as appropriate.

Comprehensive psychological evaluations are recommended for:

  • Parents, school systems, or healthcare providers seeking an initial diagnosis or clarification of an existing diagnosis
  • Monitoring progress toward gaining important learning, social, behavioral, or adaptive skills
  • Providing guidance for intervention purposes, particularly at critical periods of transition

We complete psychological evaluations for children and adults, families and educational teams straightforward answers to their questions alongside detailed recommendations

  • Assessment activities vary depending on the individual’s age and needs, but typically include standardized measures of cognitive and developmental functioning, social skills, behavior, adaptive functioning, and diagnostic indicators
  • Our evaluation team has also developed reliable strategies for assessing complex learners such as individuals who are non-verbal; who utilize a functional communication device; or who have vision, hearing, or motor impairments
  • Clinical diagnostic interviews are completed with the individual and/or family members, or with members of the educational team and private providers
  • Medical and educational records are reviewed, and parents and teachers, where relevant, are asked to complete rating forms
  • Depending on the individual’s specific presentation and needs, the psychological evaluation may be combined with other assessments, such as speech/language and occupational therapy, academic performance, or with an on-site program review of the individual’s educational program, creating a more comprehensive interdisciplinary understanding of the child or adult

Educational Evaluations

Our Educational Evaluations look closely at how the student learns and what strategies are required to help them gain new skills and knowledge

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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Our therapists evaluate fine and sensorimotor skills and the impact that these skills have on self-care, daily living skills, academic participation, and general skill development

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Program Observations

Our experts perform an on-site review of the effectiveness of the academic, social, behavioral, and adaptive programming that the student is receiving

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Speech and Language Evaluations

Our therapists conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one's ability to understand and use language, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and remediation strategies

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