Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Expanding previous assessments to support programming for learners with complex needs

Providing independent educational assessments to validate students are receiving the most comprehensive and appropriate educational support

At the request of a family or school district, CCSN completes Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) for psychological evaluations, educational evaluations, and program observations, as well as for a variety of behavioral assessments including ecological assessments and functional behavior assessments (FBA).

During an IEE, our clinicians will conduct interviews with the parents and school team, as well as perform direct observation, to fully understand the unique learning needs of the student. IEEs will evaluate previously performed behavioral assessments including Ecological Assessments and Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs).

Our Process and Outcomes:

Following contact with the parents and school team to arrange the assessment, the process would include interviews with the parents and school team to fully understand the needs of the learner.

Our behavioral assessments also involve direct observation of the learner across a variety of settings. In some cases, standardized assessment with the learner may be completed at our clinic as an individual service or in collaboration with direct observations within the school setting.

All observations and interviews are compiled into a report with comprehensive recommendations to guide future programming.

School Consultations

We help schools develop a specialized curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis methodologies

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Program and Agency Consultations

CCSN educates private agencies on how to support individuals with special needs

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Professional Development

Consultation for teachers, staff, and related service providers on how to aid learners with disabilities

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Executive Consulting

Coaching leaders and executives on recruitment of differently abled staff

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