Executive Consulting

Coaching leaders and executives on recruitment of differently abled staff

Recruiting and working with someone on the autism spectrum can be an enriching experience for managers and colleagues alike; we help you realise and enhance that experience

Individuals along the spectrum often have a variety of skills that can translate effectively in the workplace — from accounting to programming to sales. However, these individuals struggle to find, get, and keep a job because of communication and social difficulties, or other people’s lack of understanding of the issue.

CCSN can work with the leaders in your company to help support special employees within the workplace. Taking our Executive Consulting program also means your organization meets the Equality Act (2010) and Disability Discrimination Act, making it a more inclusive company in the eyes of your partners, customers, and society.

Our Executive Consulting program covers:

  • Formal Activities - on the recruitment process, training costs and procedures, workplace adaptations, and more
  • Informal Activities - teaching executives how to communicate clearly, take account of sensory needs, and provide necessary support

Our Executive Consulting program covers:

  • Teach you how to provide direct feedback with sensitivity
  • Structure your work environment to support the differently abled
  • Teach you how to deal with stressful situations
  • Support and train your current staff for upcoming changes
  • And more!

Distance Consulting

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International Consulting

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Academic Skills Coaching

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Ecological Assessments

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