Cara Barbierri, Psy.D.

Cara Barbierri is a licensed Clinical Psychologist & Coordinator of CCSN Behavioral Health, LLC, the entity of CCSN offering a range of outpatient services to children with Autism and related disorders. In addition to coordinating this program, Dr. Barbierri provides direct treatment services and conducts comprehensive psychological assessments as a member of the CCSN evaluation team.  Dr. Barbierri has expertise in providing individualized, family, and group services to children, adolescents, and their families.  Her specialties include the impact of Autism or related developmental disabilities on symptoms such as depression and anxiety, behaviors impacting school functioning and peer relationships, the impact of ASD on siblings, and family stress and parenting challenges.

Dr. Barbierri received her doctorate in psychology from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Prior to joining CCSN, Dr. Barbierri worked for many years within a busy group private practice and also within a child-focused outpatient community mental health setting as a clinician and clinical coordinator for group therapy and developmental evaluation programs.  She was also an adjunct professor of child development at the University of Bridgeport in the Masters of Education program.