Psychological & Diagnostic Evaluations

Psychological  and Diagnostic EvaluationsOur team of psychologists offers comprehensive psychological evaluations for individuals with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorders and other related developmental disorders.

Assessment activities vary depending on the individual’s age, but typically include standardized measures of cognitive and developmental functioning, behavior, adaptive functioning, and diagnostic indicators. Clinical diagnostic interviews are also completed with the individual and/or family members. Medical and educational records are reviewed and parents and teachers (where relevant) are asked to complete assessment forms.

Upon completion of all assessment activities, families participate in a feedback session where test results are reviewed, diagnostic information is given, and specific recommendations for treatment planning are provided. A comprehensive report is prepared and sent to families, including all test results and specific intervention recommendations. These assessments are appropriate for individual’s ranging in age from infancy to adulthood.

Comprehensive psychological evaluations are recommended for initial diagnosis, to monitor progress in individuals with confirmed diagnoses, and to provide guidance for intervention purposes, particularly at critical transition periods. Depending on the individual’s specific presentation and needs, the psychological evaluation may be combined with other assessments (such as speech and language and occupational therapy), resulting in one unified interdisciplinary report, and/or with an on-site program review of the individual’s educational program. Please contact our office to schedule a phone intake.